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    Flash and Flash Versions

      I expect there is a simple explanation for this and also a simple solution.
      I am using Flash 2004MX , XP, Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), Opera 9.1
      I have created a quiz using the provided template, and I want to add to my website which I am making xhtml 1.1 compatable or when that is too much bother for a page that may soon chage xhtml 1.0 transitional/strict.
      That is where my problems start.
      If I use the 'publish from Flash MX' pages in IE 7 all works OK in Opera 9.1 I just get passed to the alternate page.
      If I use my xhtml w3w valid version in IE 7 if the alrternate page is in the html I get that page and a message telling me to upgrade to latest version of flash (I have done this for IE 7 and Opera).
      If I take out the alternat page divert then in IE & all versions of code work.
      With the alternate page code present <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="3;url=Tickbox_alternate.html" /> in then only the generated code works and that is not even W3W compliant at xhtml transitional level.
      Is the some valid (by W3W validation) published pages code?

      PS Firefox is similar to IE 7.