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    [CS3] [AS2] Alternative to MX Scrollpane component

    Level 7

      I'm experiencing a weird bug with CS3 AS2 MX Scrollpane component.
      Does somebody know if there's a (free?) third-party alternative to the MX
      Scrollpane component that ships with CS3?

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          clbeech Level 3
          well one can make your own, by a variety of methods really - you can place a MC behind a mask and move it around - that is, after you construct some scrollbars and/or directional buttons. you can also use the 'viewRect' property of the MC class - to make the 'move' which also saves on processing overhead. one can also use the bitmapData.draw method with a matrix to redraw the screen position of a given mc or bmp. and there's even a few other methods i believe ;)