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    Dynamic Flash Player

      I'm creating a dynamic flash video player, and I need to know how can I set the player to play the movie that I selected.
      I created a FlashVar and I can send it to my Flash Player, but when I set the movie name it doesn't work.
      Here is my code.

      on my action script I have this.
      debug_txt.text = "\"" + _root.flvFileName + "\""; // debug for the file name I get the right name
      myPlayer.contentPath = "\"" + _root.flvFileName + "\""; //This set the flash player to play the movie I want.

      this doesn't wokr :(

      but if I do this I can see the movie.
      myPlayer.contentPath = "movie1.flv";

      So how can I send the movie name to my swf file?
      thank you