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    Is Flash a good program for movie titles?

    psypent81 Level 1
      Hey everyone,

      I am going to create some movie titles for a small independent film compnay, and I was wondering if I should be using Flash, After Effects, Final Cut Pro or Live Type to create my own custom movie titles...I am not doing anything fancy, but I would like to be able to have the text be "part" of the movie scene..in other words, not have it flat on the screen but rather have the titles be in the negative space and have the same angles of objects that are already on screen. One example is the opening sequences for King of Queens..(The King of Queens sign looks like its an actual billboard that he's driving by) But yeah, that's basically it.

      If possible, I would like to be able to import illustrator files (and maybe even flash), but it's not required (those are the programs I know a lot of...)

      I was thinking of purchasing After Effects, but just wanted to be sure..

      Can anyone help me out?

      I would relaly appreciate it:)

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          Walter Elias Level 2
          It all depends what style of titles you want. But if you're talking about syncing your titles with the movie and adding light and shade effects to make it appear part of the scene, then After Effects is the choice, hands down.

          Flash is useful for titles (I've used it myself for TV show titles), if you're doing humorous character animation and certain types of graphic effects.

          But from what you're describing, it's best you get comfortable with After Effects. For independent film making, After Effects is far more useful than just for titles.
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            ravich9 Level 1
            The effects what you are explaining can be done using flash.

            'After Effects' will be the best bet for filmy effects.
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              psypent81 Level 1
              Hey Ravich and Walter,

              Thanks a lot.

              The titles are about a minute long, and I was thinking about it, and I dont think I will make them intergrated as part of the film, but rather, try to keep the same angles that the film has..so it will not be "Flat" so to speak, but rather be a part of the scenery,..I was even thinking of making them vibarte..


              What should I export my movie titles as? Also, do I do all my titles in after effects and THEN put them into Final Cut, or is After Effects sufficient? Any little tips you guys can give me?

              Thanks in advance, you guys have been a big help


              I think I am going to use After Effects, but if all else fails, I will switch it up to Flash
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                adam@blueapplestudio Level 1
                I recommend exporting your movie titles from After Effects in whatever format your client wants, just ask them. There are many formats that Final Cut accepts (Quicktime, etc...) but your client may have a preference.

                You shouldn't need to use Final Cut; After Effects gets the job done.

                Good luck.