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    Need some help with lingo

      Hey, I'm relatively new to lingo, but I can get around. I recently just made a simple text editor, in which I put a clear button to clear the text field. Problem is it does it without confirmation, so I'd like to add a prompt with "Yes" and "No" asking the user whether they'd like the text cleared or not. Anyone know how I'd go about doing this?
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          You could use Buddy API's baMsgBox() method to prompt for confirmation,
          or you could use the MUI dialog xtra that comes with Director:
          props = [#buttons: #YesNo, #default: 2, #title: "Prompt", #message: "Are
          you sure?", #icon: #question]
          tChose = xtra("MUI").new().alert(props)
          put tChose