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    Multiple RemoteObjects required in application?

    Dr._Goomba Level 1
      So i have a long flex based form with lotsa of prefilled data which users (mostly backend users) can choose. The data of course is being populated by coldfusion via the RemoteObject. If for some reason, while the user is filling out the data, sees that one of the fields doesnt have data they need, they have the ability to add more options to those fields. Because of this it makes sense to create a DAO and Gateway for each one. However, it seems rather clunky to have to insert a RemoteObject for each one. Is this "best practices"? Is there a better less clunky way to do this?

      And in the instance there is a field that doesnt allow the user to modify its contents is it sensible to include another "get" function in the main Gateway/DAO?