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    dataGrid - selectedIndex

      hi, How can i modify, this code, that when i select a row, to go to another frame. In this case, every cell that i click goes to the same frame, respective Mama.

      var my_list:mx.controls.DataGrid;

      my_list.addItem({data:"name", label:"Oana"});
      my_list.addItem({data:"name", label:"Lulu"});
      my_list.addItem({data:"name", label:"Marius"});

      // Select first item by default.
      my_list.selectedIndex = 0;

      var Bebe:Object = new Object();
      Bebe.change = function(Oana:Object) {
      trace("selectedIndex = " + Oana.target.selectedIndex);
      my_list.addEventListener("change", Bebe);

      sorry for my english