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    Storage Directory - Uninstalling


      An AIR application has been created that allows users to download and add extensions to the application (via a built-in download manager). These extensions are stored in the application storage directory. Databases are also created in the application storage directory to keep track of downloaded files and general application settings.


      Uninstalling the AIR application does not delete the files from the application storage directory, so the user ends up with a load of useless files consuming their HD space - this is a ridiculous problem. If a user decides to uninstall an application from their system then that application should be uninstalled completely, it should not leave behind a load of orphan files.


      There doesn't seem to be one.


      Adobe could add an optional parameter to the application configuration XML file allowing developers to choose whether or not files in the application storage directory should be deleted when the application is uninstalled.


      How difficult can this be, really? The only other choice we have is to use a custom installer and bypass the AIR Runtime installation routine, but that is a big no-no as far as Adobe is concerned.
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          tzeng Adobe Employee
          You can file a feature requrest at

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            flexstone Level 1
            You might consider the solution I use - my installer includes a SQLite database that is used as the model for creating the runtime DB. If the date of the model DB is newer than the localStore DB then overwrite it.
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              _SR_ Level 1
              Thanks for the reply, flexstone.

              The issue I am having isn't really related to file syncing or versioning as such, but more to do with clearing out the storage directory when the application is uninstalled. For example, if a user downloads 10 extensions for my application, and each extension is approximately 10 MB is size, then 100 MB of data is going to be left on that user's HD when they uninstall the application - and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it.

              I don't understand why Adobe didn't implement something in the AIR Runtime to deal with this kind of thing, it is inevitable that developers are going to use the storage directory in this way.