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    Flash Local Connection Issue

      Im fairly new to flash and am building a web page in Dreamweaver using two frames that contains flash movies on several pages. I have a movie on one page that contains buttons that link to another page, my problem is that I have another Flash movie in the new web page that needs to start at different frames depending on which button is pressed in the links section from the previous page.

      I have already set up a local connection from the links section to update the movie in the header (Top Frame) and this works fine, is the Local Connection method the way to go to achieve this or is there another way that im missing?

      Please help!

      If it helps the site im building is:
      and the movies im referring to are the 'Links' section (that appears on the right of the screen on all pages but the Buy Our Music page) and the 'Choose Retailer' movie on the 'Buy Our Music' page...one more thing, i have also set up a local connection between the 'Choose Retailer' buttons and the 'Retailer Display Area' above the table.