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      Hi There,

      I need my Flash front-end to hook into a .dll file to help pass instruction/call functions which help run my back-end software. Is it possible to do this directly fron Flash without using some 3rd party software, such as Zinc?

      I have been reading a bit about C-level extensibility calling the .dll functions from JavaScript using the Macromedia Flash JavaScript API. But what if you don't know any JavaScript, is it then easier to use a tool like Zinc?

      Any helpful hints or tips would be greatly appreciated!

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          Also, does the path to the .dll file have to be along the lines of the following . . .

          boot drive\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Macromedia\ Flash 8\language\Configuration\External Libraries

          . . . or can u specify a different path if you so wish?