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    Loading External Images Component

      I am trying to use that tutorial lo load the images externaly, this flash file is located inside a php page (PHP FUSION PAGE), when i play the file in my computer... it plays out just fine, but then when i upload it to the page i get all things loaded except the external images....they dont show!!!

      The first thing i though, it may be that the url from the external images is not typed in correctly, but then...i checked and everything was ok, i went thru many things and then came up with the idea of loading the file directly from the browser calling the swf directly ( http://www.istmomusic.com/php/testing/middle_banner2.swf) and when i displayed it the images did load.... check the swf thru this link " http://www.istmomusic.com/php/testing/middle_banner2.swf", you can see that the images load correctly and the < & > (previous, next buts)...any ideas regarding this issue? (www.istmomusic.com/php/) this is where it should show correctly,

      I think it may be something in the php programming ..... but still dont know why or what it is causing it...
      I can send the zip file with the component for you guys to have a better and clear idea....

      Appreciate your support,