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    Need a XML created

      Hi, I have a flash site with a slideshow here.

      The slideshow grabs the images from external JPG files. here are source files for the slideshow

      you can find all the files for the site here

      Everything works fine, I just need to be able to especify the number of images using an XML file. right now, I have to open the FLA in my flash software and change the number of images from there. That's really a pain! I really appriciate any help in this regards.

      Here is the line that I change when I want to change the number of images.

      numimages = 16;

      I just need this to be done with the external .XML file.

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          I think you need to be specifying most of the information in a external xml file. In that way you would be able to define into which groups the images fall and the number of images in each file would e automatically calculated using the number of elements in the xml file

          An external xml file would mean that you would (should) not have to touch the fla again
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            tahadaf Level 1
            Yes, you are right, but how can have the appropriate xml file for this slideshow?

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              pwiop Level 1
              Hmmm, thought you might ask that - I suppose it would take a great deal of re-working or a new build. I would have to spend a little bit of time looking at your file. I'm afarid I do not have that time at the moment - sorry
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                tahadaf Level 1
                Thanks for your responds...

                What if we try to add a .php file which gives us the ability to control the line:

                numimages = 16;

                is it gonne solve the problem? you know, the goal is to edit this line dynamically so we can have the number of images controlled.