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    Project Build Query


      While building, if Build Automatically selected under the Project menu, the project is supposed to build while we perform a save operation. The build process is indicated at the Flex Builder status bar right hand bottom corner.

      In my case this build indication is showed at times but most of the time it does not show any indication. If I deselect the Build automatically option and forcefully try to build the project using Build All or Build Project, again at times it shows the Build process dialog box or process inidication at the status bar, but again mostly it doesnot show anything.
      At times the project gets build fine even though the build indication is not shown but many a times it is not building the project properly and I am getting erroneous results.

      What may be the reason? I am working on an application which is using XMLListCollections ArrayCollections, lots of databinding and custom components etc. Could it be a memory issue? Do I need to do any specific setting changes for project build and compilation?

      Please advise.