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    WebHelp - Next/Prev. Topic Buttons

      Using RoboHelp IV....
      Re-orienting myself to this application? I have forgotten what I need to do in order to make html pages work with the Prev/Next Topic buttons. I have done it before? But I am drawing a blank as to how you get the pages working with these two buttons. A quick reminder as to how would be greatly appreciated.

      Jack Wilson
      Northwest Software
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Jack and welcome to our community

          I'm assuming you are referring to the little buttons that sit on the left side in the mini navigation pane between the main toolbar and the navigation area?

          If so, the process is to:

          1. Click Tools > Browse Sequence Editor and define a browse sequence
          2. When generating WebHelp, step through the dialogs and ensure a check mark is placed in the option for including Browse sequences when you generate

          Cheers... Rick
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            nsti Level 1
            Thank you Rick....
            The light bulb went off in my head about 20 min. after I had written the thread. I have been using RoboHelp for a number of years but have not needed to use it for sometime. (Got a little rusty.) But now with application upgrades occuring the paper work's gotta get the old make-over as well.

            While I am at it, is there a new version of RoboHelp coming anytime soon or is Adobe gonna let it fall in on itself? I would be curious to know.


            Jack Wilson
            Northwest Software Technologies, Inc.
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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi Jack

              Are you sitting down? Good!

              Just when things looked bleakest, with Macromedia swallowing eHelp and laying off all the development staff. Indeed, Adobe, after having swallowed Macromedia, are planning on a new version of RoboHelp! Last I heard they are planning on a new release sometime in early 2007.

              Does that help any? Rick :)
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                Thank you mentioning that. It happens I was wondering about the same thing. I am using version X5.0.1. Do you know if updates were issued since that version?

                I have run into little problems lately (currently files not displaying in the Baggage File Folder) perhaps there is an upgrade I could install.

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                  RoboColum(n) Level 5
                  There's been lots of discussion on these forums and elsewhere about the absence of RH development. FWIW there is a new version due out spring next year. In the meantime you can ensure you get all patches by using the Tools | Check for Updates menu item.
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                    Avon_01 Level 1
                    Question about the Browse Sequence -

                    Is this function to allow the user to return to the topic he/she was on?

                    For example, I have a link in a topic. When it is clicked, taking the user to a different topic, I would like the user to be able to return to the original page he was on. I entered the name of the linked topic in the Browse Sequence box, but after generating the file, I did not see a 'back' button. (I ensured the BS was checked.)

                    I have inserted a hyperlink in the 2nd topic, so the user can return to the original page, but this is cumbersome because several pages reference the 2nd topic with contain tables. I would need a link-back to any page that referenced the topic with the tables!

                    Any suggestions would be welcome.

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                      Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                      Hi Avon_01

                      A Browse sequence is simply a "linked list". It is a designed logical path of navigation from one topic to another.

                      For example, let's say you work in a bank. A person walks up to the counter and wants to open a new account. This process may be lengthy and require the teller to use several applications and enter customer information in several databases. So one use of Browse sequences might be an aid to creating new accounts. You might have one browse sequence that walks the user through adding the customer profile to the main database. Another sequence would then walk through the process of setting up a checking account. A third might walk the user through setting up a savings account. The list could go on and on and is limited only by your imagination.

                      Sounds like you are looking for a simple "back" button. You can do this easily using JavaScript. Click here to see an article on creating one of these beasties!

                      Cheers... Rick
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                        Avon_01 Level 1
                        Thank you so much. You guys are my life-line at work.