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    problems using cmd.exe in a script

      What I'm trying to do is this. I have this program called zoomify.exe on the server. (check out zoomify.com, its a cool image magnification program). What I want to do is run a command like this in cmd.exe:

      D:\zoomify.exe D:\temp\image.jpg

      If I was to run this inthe command prompt window on the server it would create a folder within D:\temp named "Image" with all the output files from the zoomify.exe. The program also works so that if you drag and drop an image onto the exe in windows explorer it does the same thing.

      So I have this custom tag cfx_exec on the server and I have it pull up a command prompt, enter in the parameters including chr(13) and chr(10) to simulate hitting enter and then I throw "Exit" at it as well to close the command prompt window. It acts as though it runs no problem but it never actually creates the new folder and image collection.

      I know it is not a permission thing, coldfusion is run under the domain administrator account and has full permission to execute things like this. For example I use the same custom tag to run NET USER commands to change active directory passwords and things of this nature.

      Can anyone suggest what I may be doing wrong here?