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    Finding the current pen position

      I'm trying to write some prototypes to extend the behaviour of MovieClip, such as, for example, supporting drawing dashed lines, dotted lines, etc. For example, suppose I wanted to create an API called dashTo, I would need to know both the endpoint and the starting point of the dashed line.
      Examples on the net take both of these coordinates as inputs, making them somewhat inelegant and dissimilar to the inbuilt lineTo. Is there any way in which my APIs can find the current pen position?
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          blemmo Level 1
          I did a similar thing in a custom class, and stored the position in an object. I think there's no way to get the current drawing position explicitely, you just can go on from where it was left. If you need to know the coordinates, you must store the end point in every drawing action, so you know where it starts for the next action.