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    Vertical skins for WebHelp?

    Eric Lyke
      Can anyone point me to a vertical WebHelp skin? I must use webhelp and it must be vertical. The Slate Vertical Flash theme is basically what I'm looking for but as a WebHelp output.


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          Eric Lyke Level 1
          John Daigle let me in on a fix for this one:

          The skn file in !SkinSubFolder! for the project contains two instances of frameset cols = "220,*": changing these to frameset rows = "220,*" seems to achieve the desired effect, and I have not yet found any glitches with the output (at least with IE6 as browser).

          Works okay. Make sure to change the file with each build or change the webhelp template file.
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            ginafromtampa Level 1

            That works great!  I made a custom vertical WebHelp skin following these instructions.

            I couldn't figure out how to do it with the FlashHelp SDK -- so this was a great help.