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    Initializing tabs

      My application uses a tab navigator to collect certain data from the user. According to this data a chart will be drawed. Not all data is necessary and therefore a user often let the application draw a chart without ever have had the focus on other tabs.

      I'm wrote a function called getInput() that collects all the data the user did, or did not, enter. The problem is it gives a nullpointer exception when there has not been focus on all the tabs. (so it gives the error if for example 1 or 3 tabs have been focussed, but after all tabs have been focussed it will give no error)

      I need to find a way to initialize the comboboxes on all the tabs. I'm already using combobox.selectedIndex of course, and tried using canvas.initialize() (the canvases are in the tabnavigator container).

      Can anyone please help me out? :)