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    Hyperlink style

      I'm importing a Word doc into RoboHTML and I have a custom css I want to use. Unfortunately, the style sheet for the topic always overrides the style sheet I assign, so to make my hyperlinks look the way I want them to, I have to manually delete the hyperlink (visited) and hyperlink (unvisited) styles from the sheet for the topic. Is there a way to do this en masse?

      Also, how do I delete an unneeded css from the project?
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          Kathy T Casey Level 1

          Have you tried applying your custom .css via the Appearance tab on the Topic Properties.
          When you import, a .css (with the name of the Word Document) is automatically created in the project. You can change the .css on one topic (or on bulk topics) to use your custom .css. Once all the topics have been the correct .css, you can then just remove the unwanted style sheets that were creating during the import.

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            Dan_Gill Level 1
            I wish that would work. I can delete the .css with the name of the Word doc, but that doesn't delete the style sheet that is specific to each topic. If you go to the Styles dialog, you can select from the .css you have assigned, and one for the topic. The topic style overrides the assigned style. So far, I haven't found a way to change this except manually in every topic.