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    Text in Flash

      I am exploring alternate ways to get text into flash. i have begun using dynamic text boxes as html and found it very useful, however i see that it isn't very easy for someone unfamiliar with html / action script to edit the fields. Ideally i would like to have a word doc be displayed in the text box so that i can quickly and easily make changes to one file in user friendly environment. I have looked into displaying a .txt file but you loose all formatting so this doesn't seem to a be good route.

      Does anyone have any ideas or tutorials i could look over and experiment with ?
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          clbeech Level 3
          pretty sure a word .doc file can't be imported, and it's most common to use a .txt file. as far as layout is concerned, that is the trick right. you can either 'break down' the text into individual pieces assigned to different variables, load those and use the variables in differently formatted text fields to lay it out. or you can use html tags within the text strings in the txt file, or even use CSS to format. There is also the TextFormat class, that can also handle some of these aspects.