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    HTML links and Target Paths

      I have a scrolling text box, I need to be able to continually add links to this box. They need to link to FRAMES within FLASH. I have used this information inside of the ACTIONS box on an empty layer: (below is the example I used it works as a link to an outside webpage, but I want to link to an actual frame within the FLASH movie.)

      var URL:String =" http://www.macromedia.com"; var URLText:String = "Macromedia's website"; myTextArea.htmlText = "Go to <A HREF=\"" + URL + "\">" + URLText +"</A>"

      This is the example they gave me to TARGET a frame, but it's not working. Can someone please explain how I'd use it. Is it in combination with the above?

      Go to <A HREF=" http://www.macromedia.com" TARGET="frame_Name">Macromedia's website</A>

      I appreciate all help thank you!