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    Losing sound on exported SWF

      Hi all,

      I'm hoping someone can help me resolve this issue. I running Flash MX v7.2 on an iMac (Intel) OSX 10.4.7

      I import a .MOV file into Flash and when exported or test movie all sound disappears.

      Now I know there was alot of talk over the last months about this kind of issue but Flash player works fine everywhere else. (I did do the Garage band fix, the MIDI setup fix, the reinstall fix, and the update fix) Nothing has changed.

      I have some older swf with embeded movies that I made on a PC a while ago and they run fine here. I exported the video from Final Cut as .FLV, imported it and exported as SWF... sound was there but the video and sound were out of sink (It made no difference when I changed the frame rate of flash movie, but I think I dont understand FLV properly!?) and it was just too big.

      So I'm thinking it might be something to do with the .MOV codec in the first place. I have tried with H.264 and Sorenson out of Final Cut. Nothing changes.

      When I export out of Flash as a Quicktime I get "Quicktime does not have the Handler for this type of MM Flash movie" ??

      I've searched alot and havent found the answer yet, I thought this was a simple issue but its turning out to be very confusing and frustrating for me.
      Can anyone enlighten me !!! PLEASE..

      All the best and thanks for your time in advance.