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    still a problem

      Hi guys,

      I'm a newbei and I have this huge problem. Till now I've created sites with vbs and asp. And now I've decided to use Flash as well. I've read few asp-xml-flash tutortials, but never able to find what I need.

      I have xml anf flash. In flash I have a main swf (system.swf), a list of news swf (newsList.swf) and a news swf (news.swf). The system.swf has only AS. It loads swfs and communicates with asp. And here's my problem. Let say the user opens the newsList.swf. Here he/she has a list of news (title, date and a short description). After he/she click on the title, this var must be send to system.swf:
      1. id of the movie, which must be loaded next
      2. id of the news, which is then send to asp, so it gets the right news from the db

      I was thinking using the LocalConnection for the communication between swfs, but what I don't know is how to send vars from title to system.swf. How do I apply vars to title? How do I make title to behave as a internal link? Can I do somethink like:

      t.content = nodes .attributes.content,nodes.attributes.link; //content is a text box in a t mc

      t.content.onRelease = function ().....?

      I hope this makes sense. THX for any help.
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          derobinson Level 1
          Do you have these SWFs all separately on your HTML page? The better practice would be to load the list SWF into the system SWF (use loadMovie()), then its variables become part of the wrapper movie (when properly scoped) and you won't need to worry about LocalConnection (which could prove problematic anyway if you're trying to access ASP pages with the same SWF due to the security sandbox).

          Hope that helps!