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    How to retrieve column names from XML or database?

      Hello. I want to populate a datagrid with the column names (not values of the columns) of an entity in a database (or from an XML file. Can anyone tell me how to tackle this?

      Thanks for your support.
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          Bill Sahlas
          You can set the dataProvider attribute such that it is bound to a representation of XML (the results of a web service call perhaps) or any number of other data representitive objects that you can define (ArrayCollection, XMLListCollection, etc). You can define these abstract objects with your data base schema, manually. Does your database expose operations as web services? Like if you've got a coldfusion component class which you can reference/execute as a webservice you can define an operation to retreive and empty recordset; to retrieve only the queryName.ColumnLIst variable, these are a couple of different ways to get the columns (metadata) with out the data.