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    How do I embed multiple font outlines in dynamic text field

    ggaarde Level 1
      Can anyone tell me how I can embed multiple font outlines in Flash MX so I can get smooth text in a dynamic
      text frame? I want to use Regular, bold and italic in various parts of the text.

      I was using the Character button in the properties manager and tried to include all Characters. That does not work.

      In the Properties manager I can choose Bold and/or Italic. But it becomes a universal setting that overrides my HTML tags in my external txt file that I am importing. I dont want all my text to be bold.

      If I dont select them in the properties, however, Flash will not embed the font that it needs.

      Is there a different way to embed fonts other than under the Character Tab?

      I tried to import fonts to the library, but can not select them.

      Your help would really be appreciated.