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    flash image progress bar and fade-in and fade-out image

      I am working on the user click on the thumb image and it will bring the big image up but i want it to show the progressBar before the image bar, right the progressBar is not real nice and not really working. I would like to use the precomponent in flahs ->Windows->Component ->ProgressBar (much nicer ). I need you guys expert help with how can i change it? Also, can i add the fade-in and fade-out after the progressBar is loaded the image? Your help would be very very appreciated.

      The layer I have is:
      Large image holder (hold the big image when click on the thumb image)
      Button (contains all the thumb)
      Action ( which is below script)

      imgbtn1.onRelease = function() {
      infoField._visible = true;
      imgbtn2.onRelease = function() {
      infoField._visible = true;
      imgbtn3.onRelease = function() {
      infoField._visible = true;
      function startLoading(whichImage) {
      loadMovie(whichImage, "imageLoader");
      _root.onEnterFrame = function() {

      infoLoaded = imageLoader.getBytesLoaded();
      infoTotal = imageLoader.getBytesTotal();
      percentage = Math.floor(infoLoaded/infoTotal*100);
      infoField.text = percentage+"%";
      if (percentage>=100) {
      delete this.onEnterFrame;
      infoField._visible = false;

      thank you.