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    Roll-over images

      Does RoboHelp support roll-over images?

      I've tried every way to insert a roll-over image into my project, including editing the html page in dreamweaver but as soon as I open it up in RoboHelp and generate it the images either does not change or it is not visible.

      Please advise...
      Susy Carrillo
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          HKabaker Level 2

          I don't know how Dreamweaver does it, but you might look here:


          I wanted to require a click to replace the image, so I adapted this mouseover approach to work from the RH image map click instead.

          The first image is in the topic. The replacement image is imported as baggage.

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            Assuming you are using a javascript such as Harvey suggests, are you including the javascript in the baggage files.

            Always try things like this in a new project set up for the purpose. That avoids something else in your project getting in the way. With a clean topic and nothing else in it, the chances of getting it to work increase. Once you know it works, if it doesn't in your main project, you know some other issue is involved.

            Post back how you get on.

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              MergeThis Level 4
              You might take a look at Walter Zorn's free tooltip utility, a really neat onMouseover application that makes your tooltips look like popups, including the use of links within them.

              You can use it for text links or in combination with image maps. So far, I'm using only the former, but I'll be using the latter for some new, complex C# screens in our next version release.

              There are a few things that can trip you up, such as: all the HTML inside the Javascript area (the escape('Some text') portion) cannot have carriage returns; and certain characters must be escaped with a backslash (such as replacing double quotes with backslashed single quotes). However, it's all explained quite well on his site. You can control backgrounds, transparencies, images, placement, etc.

              As Peter says, do all your testing in a scrub project before going live in the real one.

              Good luck,