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    Counting only the visible items of a Tree (TreeGrid)

      Hi, I already did a TreeGrid or Tree+DataGrid, but with the Flash Components V2 and I would like to do the same in Flex.

      I didn't that in the same way that a few examples on the web (search "flex treegrid" or "flex gridtree" in google). What I did in Flash was put the datagrid component just at the right side of the tree and refreshing this after each action. I think that in this way is more ease to do and to manage dynamic data.

      The another way is using the itemRenderer in the DataGrid, but I think is more complex to do and to load and manage dynamic data.

      Now, my problem in Flex is that I can't get the lenght of the visible items to make a loop and put the right data in the DataGrid. This sound stupid but really I can't get this and in the Tree or List Class I can't found a method or property to do that.

      Thanks in advance