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    messaging problem

      Hi I was trying a simple chat program (taken from example code) and managed to get it working.
      Uses RTMP messaging via FDS2.

      But I am regulary getting unknown destination error when I run the code. The really weird thing is that occassionally it works perfectly no problems but most of the time I am having this trouble. It seems like the channel works initally and then after the first use refuses. Am I suppose to close the channel or something?

      I tried reinstalling FDS2 and restarting the Flex builder but still not joy but if I come back a couple of days later and then it works first time and then refuses to work after that.....

      Any help would be appreciated! (windows version of the server on window xp)
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          jasowill Level 1
          Channels are configured in the services-config.xml file, and generally referenced in the other configuration files. In the messaging case it is messaging-config.xml.

          This configuration information is compiled into the resulting swf. The config compiled in, is specified by a command line switch -services during compile.

          In FlexBuilder this is setup with the project, when using the web tier compiler this is automatically configured based on the webapp running. It could be that FlexBuilder isn't including the services-config.xml in a subsequent compile; by default it doesn't track changes to those files, so you have to force a rebuild inorder to get any configuration changes into the compiled swf.

          Are you making changes to destination names and then having this issue?
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            bg1234 Level 1

            Thanks for you reply. I had done all that but I just couldn't get it to work consistantly. I think my windows session had
            become unstable and everything started working after a reboot (don't you love windows).