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    FDS samples not working "send failed"

      Hi all,
      me again with another problem .....
      I have installed FDS at the default location c:\fds2...
      I am having problems running the sample apps that can be accessed from the page :- http://localhost:8700/samples/
      The Integrated Flex Server is running in a cmd window as required.
      However, when I try to run the sample CRM app at http://localhost:8700/samples/dataservice/crm/companyapp.mxml (or any Data Service samples ) I get the initial screen showing with the 2 panels BUT then get an error message "Send failed" popup. When I say OK to this popup, I get not data returned.
      I am sure it's a fairly easy problem to solve for you talented folks.
      Thanks in advance

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          Mete Atamel Level 1
          Do you get any errors during JRun initialization? Also is samples the only application or are there any other applications starting up? This happenned to me once when I had multiple applications starting up and they had some kind of a conflict. I would make sure that samples application is the only one starting up.
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            Something is wrong with your installation because I've istalled today the two versions because I want use Tomcat and the CRM application works fine with JRun.
            I have your problem with the J2EE installation wich gives me a "Channel disconnected" and "send failed" message. I overcome this problem running Integrated Flex Server before open CRM application in tomcat. Now I have the two versions running without any problem

            Manuel Guimarães, Portugal