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    My import declaration generates error from compiler in actionscript

      In actionscript none of the system imports seems to work for me, if I create a custom class everything is allright though.
      I quess that there is some setting that I have missed or maybe the trail version don't have this functionallity??
      The message I am receiving is the following...
      " The class or interface 'flash.geom.Rectangle' could not be loaded."
      My import looks like this.
      import flash.geom.Rectangle;

      If I edit the the actionscript classpath to contain the path to the FP8 folder containing the flash/geom/Rectangle file structure I get another message....

      Point.as: Line 20: Function name expected public function add(v:Point):Point;

      I'm new to Flash only been using it for a couple of days now..but I don't really see what I could do wrong I just installed it onto a standard windows xp setup.

      Please help me I am going crazy over this....