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    From a NON flash person... how was this done?

      Hi, thanks for reading this post. I am very intrigued by the way Canon displays its cameras on their website. I am assuming this is all flash. They have 2 areas, one in which you can explore the camera, where targets pop up and blurbs appear (the camera can also rotate 360 degress), and then a "closer look" section where you can zoom in.
      Is this ALL done in flash? I know it's all relative but is this insanely complicated? Does Canon own the right to show their cameras this way or can other companies do somthing similar and show their own product's off in a similar way if they figure out the technique?


      In the 360 view, do you think these are a series of photographs on the timeline? How many? Are we talking a few stiched together or hundreds? Just curious about production on something like this. Thanks! -MissLish
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          martincou Level 3

          I just looked at the site your talking about and, yes, it's all done with Flash. It's not seem to be very complicated. I think for rotate the camera, they took multiples picture of it and they control the view of it with the _x and _y of the mouse (when you press it). They made there own cursor too. If you look on the internet, you can find tutorials that will let you do the same thing.

          Hope it's help you!

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            Yup, it's all Flash - and it's actually quite a simple thing to do.
            Personally, I don't even think it's done all that great.

            Yes, the 360 view is just images at different angles. You can easily
            see how many images there are just by counting the number of angles
            around the full circle. I counted about 25 in one direction... No Canon
            doesn't own the rights to this - many companies use very similar
            techniques. Cell phones are popular to show off like this.

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              Khuffie Level 1
              There's just a series of photographs on the timeline. I counted about 48 of them, give or take. You usually don't need that many to create a convincing effect, and the reason why that number is so large is because it also rotates up and down as opposed to one axis only.2