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    How Do I Even Get Started

      My website is www.melendybrittfansite.net and I had originally hired someone to do this for me over a year ago but I want to update my site and the flash graphics but am finding people want to rip me off with pricing for doing a flash page for me so I've downloaded a trial of flash 8 but I am totally lost. I want to do a simple flash animation exactly like the one on my page with 2 or 3 pictures and the same stars and text and all plus a different color background? Can somone PLEASE help me? Where do I start? What do I do? Step by step? Thanks.
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          Walter Elias Level 2
          1) Open Flash
          2) Go to the Help menu
          3) Click "Getting Started With Flash"
          4) Read and TRY the tutorials

          Flash is easy and fun to use. But there is a learning curve.

          Maybe people trying to "rip you off" are simply asking a reasonable fee for something that is not a simple point-and-click job. Please don't put down design professionals. We operate in a highly competitive environment, where no one would ever be able to get away with "rip-off" fees.
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            Level 7
            Sorry, but that's pretty funny. How do you know they are trying to rip you
            off when you obviously know nothing at all about designing or animating
            content in Flash. Perhaps once (if) you learn what you need to accomplish
            this task, then actually get it done, you'll have a more reasoned, valid
            opinion of whether the prices you were quoted were fair or not...

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              cadyfan77 Level 1
              I say this because I think $200 for an hour worth of work is quite a bit of money. That's my point. I'd like to learn how to do it myself. Sorry but I did not ask for backlash. I asked for help. This did not answer my question.
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                Nickels55 Level 2
                $200 is a lot of money, I'll do it for $40. Send me the spec ;)

                Seriously though, Flash is long, tedious work that requires a ton of skill. Go here and learn the basics:


                then you know what it takes to learn Flash. $200 an hour may seem more reasonable when you find yourself spending 100's of hours doing something a pro can do in 10 minutes.
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                  Hi Cadyfan,

                  I only downloaded the free trial of Flash8 3 days ago. I am completely new to it. I do have lots of experience in designing animated gifs, though the design programme I use, does not have a timeline. I am also self taught...and I think when you begin to learn graphic design and animation, you continue learning it constantly. And when your back is up against the wall, you tend to learn quickly because you have little choice. I was stuck yesterday with my Flash8 and made a complete fool of myself, when I realised that my simple piece of action script, wouldn't work, simply because I hadn't uploaded it to my server! SOMETHING I do almost every day, since I have designed and maintain my own websites (basic, but again self taught). My silly mistake was as a result of being so engrossed in the challenge of learning Flash8!

                  For getting started, I did the Getting Started - Creating A Banner - Tutorial. I followed it to the letter! I felt I wanted to skip some bits because my knowledge of animation was helping me...but I didn't allow myself to assume that what I already have knowledge of, would apply. So like I say, I followed it to the letter.

                  Today, just day 3 of using the Flash8 Trial, I have created a flash banner without having to refer to the Getting Started...It's probably not the best flash banner in the world, but certainly it's a good first effort, and by 'playing' with it, without making reference to the getting started, it's helped me feel more confident about approaching different tasks. I only referred to the getting started once today, to remind myself of a script. So I would suggest, following the Getting Started instructions to the letter, and when you find yourself stuck...I'm sure the people visiting this forum will help you if they can on more specific problems.

                  As for the prices charged by graphic designers, gif animators, and flash designers, well it's not just about the time and effort it takes to create a piece of work, it's about being appreciated for the years of learning and knowledge attained.

                  Good luck with getting started:)