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    fireworks exports hundreds of files

    Rob Miller Level 1

      I have a serious problem that I have had for a couple of years on different computers involving Fireworks and wonder if anyone can help.

      I have an image about 600x600 and I have 14 buttons on it. Each button has a colour rollover effect and a behaviour attached to it. The behaviour simply swaps an image in a box in the top right of the image.
      So if you mouse over a button the top right image changes. And each button changes the top right image too.

      It works perfectly in preview mode. However, when I export it to a folder there over 550 files! I have worked out that there should be in the region of 100. My problem is that I want to make more buttons but this will lead to thousands of files.

      I have one web site, here, http://www.nippazwithattitude.com/clothing.html , where all the buttons in the middle of the screen change the central image. When I export this, it exports 3,000 files! It has 23 layers and basically, exports 23 versions of the page, rather than just the central image - or in the example above the top right image.

      No Layer is shared over all States and I am at my wits end because updating these pages takes about an hour and it is something I do regularly so I lose a lot of time.

      I hope I have explained this well!
      Any help would be seriously welcome and very much appreciated - I have used fireworks for years (ever since it came out) and if someone can help I will go and answer other forum questions!


      UPDATE - well I finished the file, there were 30 layers, exported it to dreamweaver and there are 3,750 files in the folder!