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    how do I display array values in a text field?

      Hi there-

      I have a small Flash movie I'm trying to complete, it's my first go around with Flash 8 so I appreciate your patience:

      I built an array with some actionscript which seems to work fine (I can trace it and all is well in the trace window). Now I'm simply trying to display it to my Flash movie screen and I've built a dynamic text window which is working, except that I only ever get the last array element to appear in the dynamic text window. I've traced the code and see all of my array values, but when I use "myResults_txt.text=picker_array;" I only see the last position's value in my array. I tried playing with the "multiline" attribute for the text field, it didn't seem to make any difference.

      I'm sure it's probably something silly that I've missed, but how do you display an array, with all of it's values to a dynamic text field (I even tried using the textArea component but ran into the same problem).

      Thanks in advance for any help-