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    windows component problem

    enfantterrible-tijzQ7 Level 1
      when using a form application within another form application: IE main application is a Flash Form Application and the application it loads is also a Flash Form Application, I can't make the Window Component access items in the Libray.
      When the Windows Component draws it tries to load a file with the name of the library items' linkage identifier name.

      I am able to load the "colorSelector" MC using attachMovie.

      I get a message like: 'Error opening URL "file:///C|/Inetpub/wwwroot/nbttvtestserver/public/webapps/colorSelector"

      Has anyone been able to make this work?

      Thanks for your help!!!!

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          bbiswatching Level 1
          Just an update is case someone runs into a similar situation:

          I've been able to to create dynamic windows using library obects by using createClassObject(Window....)

          Using this method I have access to all the Window components and events, although I haven't been able to make the window "modal" which wasn't that important to me, and I think I can recreate the backgrhound button if I needed it too.

          Since we're not using the popUp function to close the window we have to use destroyObject(winInstance)

          I find it funny that when I try to use this component from within multiple Form Application that it's unable to access the Library Objects.