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    Flash Intro/Actionscript Problem


      Hey all!

      I am having a huge problem with an intro I am creating, and it is taking hours and hours off of my current project....any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Here is the problem:

      I have created a flash intro for a client's website. I would like to automatically forward the web user to the main page of the site once the intro has completed. So of course, I used the gerturl actionscript.
      My problem is that a little more than halfway through the flash intro sequence, the new url pops up, and the old flash sequence is still playing or sometimes paused in the background. What the heck did I do? The action script I am using is the most common one to bring up a url in flash. I have tried creating a new layer and keyframe to insert the AS, and also just inserting it in an existing layer on a blank keyframe on the site's end. I am having NO luck. It even seems to sometimes cut off the last part of the intro.. usually on a part that everything stops for a few seconds and continues to the rest. Is it mistaking this little flash blank part for the end? All of the frames continue until the end... so I don't imagine that could be the problem.

      I AM GOING CRAZY, and I have spend many hours online and on these forums trying to find my problem...

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          Rafiq Elmansy, AEL, ACP Level 2
          Are you sure that you posted your getURL code in the end of the animation, not in the middle (it happend to me once that I faced the same problem and finally found that I posted the code before the end of the intro).
          Also, do you movie clips that is longer than the main timeline?, If so, expand the timeline till the movie clip finished its animation and post your code in the end of the animation.

          Just thoughts, hope it helps

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            DigitalSmash Level 1

            Yeah, my timeline is 1000, and the movie only goes to 715. It seems like timeline goes on forever in all flash projects..doesn't it? In any case.... I still cannot get it to work. It's so weird. I also can't see my last three transitions and symbols when the click on the frames in the flash timeline...but when I play it...it's there.