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    sql / security

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      i have four questions...

      1 - it is possible to use sql inside flash? how? where i can found
      information about this kind of operation?
      2 - how the best way to send data to a sql database via flash?
      3 - i know that is possible do "decompile" a swf file. in this case, how to
      prevent a user to see the information that is writed in flash code?
      4 - there is a way to send data without use the flash "forms"? whitout use a
      submit button (via get/post method)? i need to send data to asp file without
      use post or get....



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          derobinson Level 1
          You don't use SQL in Flash per se. But you can connect a Flash movie to a SQL db. Look into the Data Integration options in Flash 8 Pro (has to be Pro). You can have Flash consume XML files, or a webservice, or you can use Flash Remoting. Then you can send your data back from Flash whenever you want...its all code, so you determine when, where and how...no need for something that even looks like a form.

          Check out the Help Docs for info and search the Adobe site for data integration and Flash remoting.

          Good luck!
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            derobinson Level 1
            ..sorry....weird double post...