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    cfselect and multilple selectsions

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      How do you get the selecteditems from multiple selection on a cfselect on
      flash remoting?

      Any help would be most appreciated!!!

      I have a cfselect in a flash form I want to have multiple selections for.
      When I send the data over to the cfc ( I am using remoting) I do not get the
      list of data from the data I send.

      Here is what I am doing.

      mlist is my cfselect and auto is the value field.

      this is my call to the cfc.


      I have tried this but it says it is not an array. I have tried string but I
      get not data back.
      <cfargument name="mlist" required="false" type="array" default="" />

      I have tried looping over the list or use arraytolist but nothing seems to

      Sorry this is a double post