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    Passing an argument from a db result

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      What is wrong with this and why is it not passing the variable show_id? I
      outputs the correct show_id number in text
      (<cfoutput>#getlastentry.show_id#</cfoutput>). I keep getting that show is
      required but not passed. Please help.

      <cfquery name="getlastentry" datasource="sql_portal">
      Select show_id FROM RadioShowInfo
      Where creator = '#getAuthUser()#'
      Order by show_id DESC
      <!---Create Object For Shows Component--->
      <cfobject name="Shows" component="cfcs.radioshow.show">
      <!---Step 2: Add photos and captions--->
      <cfif IsDefined ('Submit_Add')>
      <cfinvoke component="#Shows#" method="UpdateGuestPhotos">
      <cfinvokeargument name="show" value="#getlastentry.show_id#">