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    Extension Manager CS4

    gijohn69 Level 1
      Sorry if this is not directly related to Dreamweaver ... but - I posted this in the Extensions forum and haven't had a response (only posted a few hours ago) .. so thot I'd try here. Here's the message I posted:

      <<I downloaded a trial of Dreamweaver CS4 and want to see how an extension that I purchased behaves (one from Web Assist which is CS4 compatible). When trying to install it - the Extensions Manager is in German. Huh? Help>>

      Anyway ... at my wits end here. I've tried to download the 2.0 manager and then the 2.1 patch. Won't let me install. Says I already have the extensions manager installed. Please install from original disk.

      This on a Mac - G5 Dual (not Intel) running 10.5 Leopard.