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    Uploading 2 photos

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      I am attempting to upload 2 photos from a form than get the file names only
      to insert into the database. I wrote the cffile uploading and added results
      for each, but now I am getting this error:

      A duplicate attribute "RESULT" has been encountered. Attributes with the
      same name cannot be provided more than once.

      What am I missing?

      <cffile action="upload" filefield="photo1" nameconflict="makeunique"
      result="photo1" destination="E:/www/news/media/audio/shows/guests"
      <cfif #form.photo2# NEQ ''>
      <cffile action="upload" filefield="photo2" nameconflict="makeunique"
      result="photo2" destination="E:/www/news/media/audio/shows/guests"

      I even removed the first one so all I had to do insert the file name was
      cffile.serverfile and then tried photo2.serverfile for the second...