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    URLRequestHeader: forbidden headers

    Dan Halbert
      I was disappointed to see that a number of useful HTTP headers are forbidden by URLRequestHeader. To quote the documentation:

      The following request headers may not be used: Accept-Ranges, Age, Allow, Allowed, Connection, Content-Length, Content-Location, Content-Range, ETag, Host, Last-Modified, Location, Max-Forwards, Proxy-Authenticate, Proxy-Authorization, Public, Range, Retry-After, Server, TE, Trailer, Transfer-Encoding, Upgrade, URI, Vary, Via, Warning, WWW-Authenticate, x-flash-version.

      That paragraph was not in an earlier version of the documentation.

      I could believe that some of these might be security risks. But in particular, I want to use the Range header to fetch only part of an mp3 to be played by Sound. I don't see how this is somehow a risk, but perhaps someone could explain. Sigh.
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          theLoggerGuy Level 1
          Looking at the start date of this thread it looks like this is an old chest nut, but it would be nice if someone from Adobe would come up with a good answer.

          I want to use "Connection:close". Hardly seems dangerous! Usefull though. I wouldn't need it if the default and unalterable value of "Connection:keep-alive" was handled properly. The connection stays alive until the server times out preventing another message to be sent from the client.

          Found a nice blog entry about the deficiency of changing innocuous headers.

          C'mon Adobe tell all.
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            hey logger guy i agree with you . i have had this issue since 1 year. i have to use anonymous authentication while uploading. when we enable basic authentication or database authentication cannot upload files.


            thanks for the url good information.


            need help adobe please.