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    Data Services for CairgnormStore sample

    luiz.bonfa Level 1
      I am trying to run CairngormStore for Flex 2 end-to-end.
      It looks like the only deployment/configuration problem left is the configuration of Data Services.

      What is already done:

      - Flex 2 SDK is installed
      - Flex 2 builder is up and running
      - Flex 2 Data Service Express is installed with the option "JRun"
      - Cairngorm Library is installed

      - Project CairngormStore_2 is created in FlexBuilder ( Project type "Flex Data Service")
      - the path to the Cairngorm Library is defined
      - the path to the JRun is defined
      - CairngormStore is build OK
      - JRun starts successfully

      Attempt to run the CairngormStore results in run-time alert message "Products can't be retrieved".
      Obviously my deployemnt /configuration of Data Services on the client and server side is not complete.
      Given pretty involved combination of declarative configuration parameters and configuration files it is
      not easy to figure out what the problem is and how to cure it.

      Any hint, advise will be greately appreciated.
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          Mete Atamel Level 1
          Open services-config.xml and find <logging>. Make sure you have the following <target ... level="Debug">. This will make sure you have all the debugging information. Check in \WEB-INF\flex\logs for the log. It should give you more information.
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            luiz.bonfa Level 1
            matamel, thanks for the reply.

            The point is that there the app does not crash, so there is not much information in the log.
            First, after the execution of
            public var model : ShopModelLocator = ShopModelLocator.getInstance();

            there is a log message: "didn't find all selected items"

            and later after execution of
            CairngormEventDispatcher.getInstance().dispatchEvent( new CairngormEvent( GetProductsEvent.EVENT_GET_PRODUCTS ) );

            there is a message issued by

            Alert.show( "Products could not be retrieved!" );

            So there is not much to analyze so far.
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              Mete Atamel Level 1
              At the end of the day, whatever function is trying to retrieve the products is using a destination defined in remoting-config.xml, data-management-config.xml or messaging-config.xml. I'd try to find out what that destination is and see if it needs to be configured further.