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    Applying transitions to imported symbol instance

    Max Stewart Level 1
      I guess this is just my misunderstanding how Flash Pro 8.0 works....

      I have a new blank document, stage and library. The Layers list shows ‘Layer1’.

      I import a .png from Fireworks into the library [using File / Import to Library / Import into new layer in current scene; Objects – keep all paths editable; Text – keep all text editable]. The Library panel now shows a list of the bitmaps within the .png and the .png file itself (marked as type ‘Movie Clip’ - see later...).

      I drag an instance of the .png symbol to the stage.

      My aim is to display the graphic for say 50 frames then fade it, so I insert a keyframe at frame 50. So far so good.

      I select frame 50 (which selects the .png instance).
      I Insert / Time-line effects / Transform/Transition / Transition
      Direction Out; Fade; 30 frames; OK

      Pressing Update Preview shows nothing at all although it correctly shows a wipe-out with Wipe set. (This may be spurious to my problem)

      In the timeline display, I expect to see a Fade transition covering frames 50 – 80 but ....
      a. there is nothing in those frames
      b. the level name has changed from Level 1 to Transition <n>

      In the Library panel, I now also have a ‘Transition’ symbol and an Effects folder with two symbols inside.

      c. If I double-click edit the .png symbol from the library panel, I get Layer 1 back plus a two-frame ‘Fireworks’ layer. If I quit editing the .png symbol, I get Layer Transition <n> displayed again.

      It is acting as if I were editing the symbol itself and not an instance of one.

      Could someone kindly explain to a stupid newbie exactly what is happening in a. b. and c. and why I cannot simply get my 30 frame fadeout tagged on to the end of the 50 frame static display? Why I cannot any more see Layer 1 except when editing the .png? And why is my imported .png marked as a 'movie clip' and not a 'graphic' when I deliberately don't use the 'import as movie clip' option?
      [In passing, I can get the transition to work correctly if, via the Properties panel, I force the .png instance to be a graphic rather than movie clip, but my confusion about the rest still remains!]