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    When _width is width

      I have possibly misunderstood but:

      A set of child movieclips acting as buttons is positioned the data created in an object

      buttonDetails.xPos = target.panel_txt._x+(target.panel_txt.width/2)+1

      In this, width is incorrect and should , of course, be _width. However the code worked correctly with the button being placed where is should have been. This was with UIScrollBar added to the main library.

      I decided to remove the UIScrollBar and create my own scroller. As soon as I did this my buttons ended up on top of each other and not spaced out as they should be. After an hour of tracing and swearing I have come to the conclusion that UIScrollBar must create a width property for all text boxes (the box concerned did not have the scroller attached. Now I know the UIScrollBar has a width (not _width) property but I didn't know that it added the width property to all text boxes.

      Am I right? Has anyone else found that stuff that you would expect to be unaffected is messed up when you remove a component. My conclusion is to avoid using components at all since I am not expert enough to know what they are doing to my movie.

      Any thoughts?