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    Composite Component help

      I've spent the last 36 hours almost straight trying to figure this out so I hope someone has an answer...
      I have built a composite component called dataManager. This component is to be generic enought to re-use. It is comprised of an ApplicationControlBar, DataGrid and Tabbed pannel. In the app file this component is in a ViewStack. I would like to dynamcially control the children inside the application control bar (label, buttons, etc) as well as data that populates the grid and tabbed panel based on what menu option the user has clicked on. The menu component lives in the main app file.

      I've set up properies in the dataManager component so that I can pass in the appropriate data to be used by the component to customize itself on the fly based on the data passed in. But just doing something like setting the text of the application control bar child component ( a label) like so: dataManager.acbLabel.text = "asdfs" where acbLabel is the id of the label control, causes the 1009 error: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. It doesn't matter whether I put that code in the main app file or the component, I get the same error.

      So bascially it comes down to needing to be able to manipulate the components and children thereof in a composite component at run time. I've written public funtions inside the composite compenent and have no problem accessing them from the main app file but as soon as I try to reference any of the mx: elements within the component, I get the 1009 error.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I'm going about it all wrong.