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    datagrid woes

      I'm trying to get info from every field in a data grid. eg. looping through by column and row to get all the info out and put it into another form.

      I mainly don't know how to specify what row to pull data from. and using "selectedItem" only works for the row selected.

      Even if there is a better way to do this, if you know how to do it this way please let me know (for knowledge sake)


      ps- I just read the about updating the dataProvider... any examples on how to do that?
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          ofeet Level 1
          var index:IListItemRenderer = mydg.indexToItemRenderer(i);
          for(var j in index.data){
          trace(j+"; "+index.data[j]);

          mydg is the name of my datagrid. the i being passed is a row number (starts at 1, not 0).
          It appears you need to pass your row into an IlistItemRenderer before you can view the data.

          Definately not impressed on the programming theories behind the datagrid. I don't see what was wrong with having something like DataGrid.row[x] or something of that simplicity.