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    Installing AIR application - Error 3003

      Hi All,

      We're trying to install an AIR application onto a test PC with Windows XP. The XP user account does not have admin rights. We have granted, however, the ability for that user to create files and folders under the C:\Program Files\ directory where our application should get installed.

      The installation fails with the following error,

      "Sorry an error has occurred.

      The application could not be installed. Try installing it again. If the problem persists, contact the application author

      Error #3003"

      What is really strange is that whilst the directory does get created underneath C:\Program Files\ the installation files are installed in the root of C:\

      We can run the application from the C:\ root, and all works fine!!

      Is there a requirement for users to have ADMIN accounts on the PC in order to install the AIR application? or do they simply need the permissions to create files/folders under C:\Program Files\ or is there something else?