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    flash html text letter by letter

      Hi everybody,

      I have to show a html text letter by letter in actionscript. Until here it is not very difficult but I found a really anoying bug and I can't find any solution. I need your light if you have a bit of time.

      So, I create a textField. I cut the string letter by letter to show it with a setInterval. It is working quite well but if I apply a style hover on the link, I have a problem. The whole textField get the link and the a:hover style as well. If I show the text without cut it letter by letter, it is working. It happens only if I cut the <A> tag until the </A>. so I can't show the link letter by letter.

      I give you below my code, you just have to paste it in flash to have a look. If you have any clever solution, thank you very much for your help.